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Upcoming Exhibitions

Summer 2018

May 29-June 3: O(h)ntitled: Working on the Backwards Promise, Ruben Ghenov and Katie Gentner’s Miniterm Painting & Drawing Class. Featuring works by Elisabeth Dos Santos, Rachel Doub, Steven Sampson, Deanna Sanders, Musa Abu Dayeh, Jodi Canfield, Tyler Cox, Andy Gordon, Sonia Heming, Kinsey Hoogenboom, and Susie Feinberg.
June – December: Bathroom Exhibition by Baxter Stults

June 15-22: Follow the Drip: Paintings by Ben Retersdorf

July 5-12- Effervescent Utopias: Paintings by Lindsey Orrin

Aug 2-9: A Common Place: Photographs by Sophia Abouleata

Fall 2018

Aug 24-26: 2nd Year MFA Show: Works by Ashlee Mays, Dana Potter, Emmett Merrill, April Marten, Jillian Hirsch, Billy Rerick, Angelina Parrino, and Marla Sweitzer. 

Aug 31-Sep 2: Country Music: Prints by Emmett Merrill

Sep 7-9: Dysmorphia: Installation by Reid Arowood

Sep 14-16: (W)e(a)stern: Paintings and sculptures by Kelly Moore

Sep 21-23: Polish Exchange Show: Prints by Martyna Kostrzycka 

Sep 28-30: Souvenir Shop: Interactive installation by Ashlee Mays

Oct 1-7:  – Mid-South Sculpture Alliance Outstanding Student Exhibition 

Oct 9: Plastic Brain: Paintings by Jacob Lay

Oct 12-14:Clear Illogic: Interactive installation by Michaela Leib

Oct 19-21:The Kiss: Paintings by William Rerick

Oct 26-28: Variegation: Photographs by Caroline Rowcliffe

Nov 2-4: Printmaking Visiting Artist Archive: Curated by UTK Print Club 

Nov 9-11: Forget Me Not (Really): Installation by Anna Halliwell Boyd 

Nov 16-18: Age Ingrained: Sculptures by Mary Badillo

Nov 30-Dec 1: Eye Mapping: Interactive Installation by Dana Potter

Dec 7-9: Expanded Worlds: Prints by Kristina Key


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