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Gallery 1010 is a contemporary art exhibition space located at 100 S. Gay Street in Suite 114 of The Emporium Center of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. As one of three University of Tennessee School of Art galleries, Gallery 1010 is the only fully student-run, non-profit, off-campus exhibition space in the state of Tennessee. Exhibitions feature work from University of Tennessee students and alumni, as well as artists from other universities and community programs. The mission of Gallery 1010 is to provide space for the University of Tennessee community of artists to experiment and develop new ideas while gaining educational gallery experience in professional standards and practices.

Gallery 1010 provides an opportunity and location for artists to exhibit their work in a professional gallery off-campus; an exceptional opportunity not commonly available at other Universities. The gallery engages the university, the growing downtown Knoxville gallery district, and the community at large by consistently exhibiting innovative, contemporary art work.

The gallery maintains full and intensive weekly programing of well-presented, professional exhibitions. Artist exhibits run for one week and are attended by over 5,000 visitors each semester. Every week the gallery hosts an Artist Exhibition; totaling around 15 exhibits per semester. The gallery is open Fridays from 5-7pm and Saturdays from 10am-1pm with opening receptions every Friday from 5-7pm. Exhibiting artists have from Wednesday to Friday of the week to install their exhibit, then de-install or “strike” the show on Monday/Tuesday, leaving the gallery clean and ready for the next artist beginning the process again.

Ashley Ekstrum, the 2021-2022 director for Gallery 1010, is pursuing her MFA in painting and drawing. Her work examines the perspective shifts that occur as time blazes over and blends into skin. She is interested in the elusive space where physicality of time starts and stops. Ashley enjoys working to help people accomplish their goals, and feels that trying new ideas in an accepting space is a productive way to facilitate meaningful dialogue. She is excited to be a part of Gallery 1010’s spirit of motivating students to experiment and grow into who they are as artists.

Hanna Seggerman, the 2021-2022 associate director of Gallery 1010, is a second year MFA in sculpture. In her studio practice she explores personal experiences of absence and presence through structured systems that create patterns derived from language and behavior. She uses a wide range of media to pursue her personal needs found unmet amid these experiences through both image and object making. As an educator Hanna values the importance of a collaborative community of artists ready to support student artists when they are given the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in a gallery setting. She looks forward to another year of artists taking risks, learning, and growing at Gallery 1010.

Christina Ceniceros is majoring in Bachelors of Architecture. She hopes to get some second hand creativity and inspiration from the art that surrounds her. She thinks it would be amazing to get into this creative mindset when starting her projects for Architecture.  She is proud to be apart of 1010 because of the unity we share for our art as sculptors, painters, print makers, whatever they maybe. She is also proud to be part of a gallery that is always so supportive and excited of student work.